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City of Loves Park is in two Counties

1/8/2015 11:00:00 AM
Did you Know?

The City of Loves Park and the Loves Park Police Department have jurisdiction in both Winnebago County and Boone County.  Winnebago County is everything west of Argyle Rd. and Boone County is everything east of Argyle Rd.  By State of Illinois Statute, the City Ordinances are able to be enforced uniformly in both counties.  For instance, the traffic laws related to things like a traffic accident would be enforced as an ordinance violation and returnable to the Winnebago County Courthouse, since that is the home seat for our City.  Meaning if a traffic ticket is issued, in Boone County, for something like improper lane usage, the offense would be a City of Loves Park Ordinance Violation and the court date would be set at the Winnebago County Court House.

The Police Department runs into different procedures if a criminal arrest is made, while in Boone County jurisdiction.  This would be for something like a battery or criminal damage to property arrest.  The officer transports the arrestee to the Boone County Jail, in the City of Belvidere, and goes through their booking process.  This includes different types of forms and ultimately appearances in the Boone County Courthouse, if the case goes to trial.

The Winnebago County and Boone County Courthouses are both in the 17th Judicial Circuit.  This means that if the Loves Park Police Department arrests someone on a Boone County original offense or arrest warrant, they are able to be transported directly to the Boone County Jail.  If the criminal offense or warrant were from another county, we would lodge the arrestee in the Winnebago County Jail and they would go through the extradition process, to be taken to the County where the offense occurred.

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